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Welcome to The KwikPit Company website. We manufacture and sell the KwikPit flight simulator cockpit in a plans and a kit version. We also offer various other flight simulator related products.

Why a flight simulator cockpit?

If you're browsing this site it may be out of curiosity or you are looking for something to enhance your simulation gaming experience. If you are new to flight or racing simulation you may be looking for a way of creating a system that will add more realism and enjoyment to your gaming. A simulator cockpit can provide both by placing the controls of a vehicle or aircraft in a more realistic position. This produces more immersion in the game, thus more realism and enjoyment. Another benefit of ergonomic placement is less strain on the arm, wrists and neck as you play for extended periods.


An added benefit of a simulator cockpit system is that your gaming controls and equipment can be permanently set up in your cockpit. There's no need to remove them from a desk when the family needs the computer for other uses. Normally, at some point you'll want a dedicated system for simulation gaming and a cockpit can provide the perfect platform that brings all the components together.


Flight sims such as MS flight simulator  X, FS2004 and X-Plane can have a hundred  commands that can be activated by a keyboard, yoke, joystick or switch panel modules. Combat sims such as Falcon Allied Forces, DCS BlackShark and Battle of Britain and many more literally have hundreds of commands to deal with.


A cockpit is a must to mount a yoke or HOTAS (Hands on Throttle and Stick) at a minimum. The keyboard or other control panel can then be placed in a position where the buttons and switches are within easy access.


Finding a simulator cockpit.

Searching the internet will yield various cockpits, cockpit kits, cockpit plans and peripherals at various and often prohibitive price ranges up to and over $30,000.00. The KwikPit kit is designed to be a very cost effective way of acquiring a cockpit that is practical, rugged, inexpensive and compact. The KwikPit plans offer and alternative for those who wish to build an even more inexpensive cockpit on their own.


Purchasing a cockpit.

After researching the alternatives we think you'll find the KwikPit  or HomeFlite plans a practical choice.


Enjoy our site if you have any questions comments or suggestions feel free to contact us.