EzeMod MK II

CH Products Pro Pedals Mod Kit



EzeMod MK II


EzeMod kit




  • New Low Profile Design and Style!

  • Update CH Pro Pedals!

  • Now Operate CH Pedals Realistically!

  • Improves Rudder Input Precision!

  • No Modification or Damage to the Pedal Unit!

  • Pedals Perform Like Units Costing $200-$300 More!

  • An Inexpensive Must Have Mod!



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The Secret of This Must Have Mod

  • The heel of the foot rests on the skid plate the ball of the foot rests on the lower pad. 

  • Sliding or rocking the feet produces effortless almost subconscious precise rudder movement. 

  •  Placing the foot on the top pad and rocking the foot produces a smooth braking action.

  • Resting the weight of your feet and legs on the skid plate keeps your lower legs  relaxed.

  • A perfect solution to improve your flying skills.




Check Out These Features!


  ezemod kit  ezemod kit       

  • The EzeMod MK II Comes Complete Ready to Use!

  • Composite Wood with Plastic Skin Covered Skid Plate!



 bare CH pedals       CH Pedal pads


Simply drop CH Pedal Unit in the EzeMod MK II and Install Pedal Pads That's It!


Pro pedals 1      pro pedals 2      pro pedals 3

  • The EzeMod MK II comes Complete Ready to Use!

  • Update CH Pedals at a Fraction of the Cost of New Pedals!

  • Constructed of composite wood with plastic Covered Skid Plate!

  • Green Conscious! Each unit hand built from environmentally friendly materials!

  • Relieves fatigue in the lower legs and torso after extended pedal use!

  • The EzeMod MK II places the pedals at a realistic angle simulating real aircraft!

  • The Plastic Skin covered skid plate allows smooth effortless foot movement!

  • Pads are placed on the pedals for a more comfortable realistic feel!

  • Pedal action with Eze-Mod compares to those units costing $100 to $200 more!


pro pedals 4  pro pedals 5  pro pedals 6   pro pedals 7 pro pedals 8


 EzeMod MK II Video


  • Smooth Precision Movement!

  • Better Control!

  • Realistic!




 The Realism Formula:


       ch pedals1   +    ezemod kit     =     ch pedals 2

                                       CH Pedals                  EzeMod MK II Kit                         A Whole New Gaming Experience



Purchase Your EzeMod MK II Today!


  • The perfect solution for the CH Pedals!

  • Simple and quick non-destructive installation!

  • Relieves fatigue after prolonged use of rudder pedals!

  • Realistic rudder movement improves rudder input precision!

  • Modded pedals compare to units costing up to $200 more!

The EzeMod MK II kit includes: mounting base , pedal pads,
pad mounting tape, mounting materials for pedal unit.  

Rudder pedals not included
CH Rudder Pedals ™ are a trademark of CH Products
Item may vary slightly from photo due to updates

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