Series One Flight Simulator Cockpit Plans

Build an Muti-Purpose Enclosed Simulator Cockpit


Series One Plans

enclosed simulator cockpit 1

  • Build The Airplane Cockpit of Your Dream From Plans

  • Build From Readily available Materials

  • Build as A Open or Enclosed Model Convert Between The Two!

  • Separate Modules Come Apart Great Solution For Small Apartments!


The Series One flight simulator cockpit is designed by Gene Buckle. The design is patterned after the Messerschmitt Me-109 single seat fighter used by Germany in WWII.  This design was chosen because its general layout is mostly angles with few if any difficult to make curves.  This is very important, especially for the novice woodworker.  The cockpit framework can be made as expensively or as inexpensively as you like. The choice of materials is entirely up to the builder.  The drawings were made to allow you to chose any material that is 7/16" to 1/2" in thickness. 



enclosed simulator cockpit 2                     open simulator cockpit 1


  You Get These Great Features and Benefits


You can build a full sized cockpit on a budget!

The Cockpit can be built in one of two configurations for different type aircraft!

Once the main tub is built you can switch back and forth between two Styles!

Designed to allow disassembly into 5 or 7 sub-assemblies great for limited space issues!


Instruction and Photos Guide You Through Build Process Start to Finishh
Every step of the process is illustrated with photos
You see what your build should look like

flight simulator cockpit build 1flight simulator cockpit build 2flight simulator cockpit build 3flight simulator cockpit build 4flight simulator cockpit build 5flight simulator cockpit build 6

airplane cockpit build 1airplane cockpit build 2airplane cockpit build 3airplane cockpit build 4airplane cockpit build 5airplane cockpit build 7


Cockpit designed For Easy Access to The Interior Spaces After Assembly
Easy access to your equipment!
Access panels on each end of the cockpit!

The Monitor Deck that sits ahead of the windscreen also tilts up for easy access to the forward interior!

cockpit shell 1     cockpit shell 2   cockpit shell 3   cockpit shell 4


Detailed Manual, Drawings and CAD Files
Detailed drawings of parts
Full size template drawings for printing
CAD files in .dxf format ready for CNC cutting

flight sim cockpit sketch 1 flight sim cockpit sketch 2 flight sim cockpit sketch 3

flight sim cockpit sketch 4

build simulator cockpit manual


Download and preview the manual

flight sim cockpit sketch 5

FlightGear Flight Simulator also Included on The CD
FlightGear is a fantastic open source Flight Simulator
FlightGear's graphics rival many of the commercial flight simulators
Source Code included on CD you can customize program
Tons of free add on aircraft and world scenery

 free flight simulator game 1       free flight simulator game 2    free flight simulator game 3    free flight simulator game 4

How Much Does All This Cost?
Only $4.95 +Shipping for the CD!!

What Do I Get?
You will get a CD with 5 PDF files that will allow full size plan printing (36x84) on a large format printer. 
CD contains builder's manual,  DXF files of the parts for cutting with CNC router , images and PDF documentation.
The CD also contains FlightGear the open source Flight Simulator.



The Series One is for anyone without the resources to buy a ready built cockpit!    
A chance for you to own the cockpit of your dreams!      
Flexible design allows you to switch between open and closed cockpit!
You will own a realistic cockpit to place your simulation gear!
You can run your simulations in the ultimate realistic environment!

      Series one plans may also be downloaded at no charge from